What Financial Products Would You Recommend for Retirement Planning?

What Financial Products Would You Recommend for Retirement Planning?

In the realm of retirement planning, innovative financial products are key to ensuring a secure future, as a Senior Financial & Retirement Planner explains with the recommendation of the Lifetime Income Portfolio™. Alongside expert advice, we've gathered additional perspectives, including seven unique recommendations that cater to different retirement needs and preferences. From leveraging employer-matched 401(k) plans to the automated asset adjustments of Target-Date Funds, explore the diverse financial strategies that can enrich your golden years.

  • Secure Retirement with Regular Monthly Income Stream
  • Managed Accounts for Customized Retirement Plans
  • Leverage 401(k) Plans for Employer Matching
  • Traditional and Roth IRAs for Tax Advantages
  • Annuities for Guaranteed Retirement Income
  • Roth IRAs Offer Tax-Free Retirement Withdrawals
  • Target-Date Funds Automate Asset Adjustment

Secure Retirement with Regular Monthly Income Stream

One innovative financial product we've recommended for retirement planning is our Lifetime Income Portfolio™ model. This approach is particularly beneficial for clients looking to secure a stable and predictable income throughout their retirement years.

We recently recommended this product to a client who was particularly concerned about the sustainability of their retirement funds and the impact of market volatility. The Lifetime Income Portfolio™ is designed to create a regular monthly income stream without eroding the principal, thereby avoiding the need to sell investments at unfavorable times. This was a perfect fit for our client, who prioritized financial stability and peace of mind.

This strategy effectively addresses key retirement challenges such as sustainability, inflation, and market volatility by focusing on consistent cash flows from diversified sources like dividends, real estate income, and fixed-income bonds. By providing a steady income and preserving the principal, the Lifetime Income Portfolio™ ensures our client's retirement funds last throughout their golden years, significantly reducing the fear of outliving their assets. This innovative approach allows our clients to enjoy their retirement without the constant worry about market fluctuations or the sustainability of their income.

Chad Harmer
Chad HarmerSenior Financial & Retirement Planner, Harmer Wealth Management

Managed Accounts for Customized Retirement Plans

One of the hottest new retirement solutions on the market is managed accounts. Unlike traditional target-date funds, which only consider participants' ages, managed account solutions draw from multiple data points to create a custom investment solution for each plan participant, producing superior participant outcomes.

Managed accounts are quickly gaining popularity with participants and advisors for several reasons. Participants appreciate the personalization aspect. We have all come to expect personalized products and services in our everyday lives, from curated content on our playlists to personalized online shopping experiences. Managed accounts allow individuals to personalize their retirement plan and receive professional assistance in creating a portfolio that's right for them, rather than settle for a one-size-fits-all offering.

Managed accounts allow advisors to differentiate themselves in the marketplace and provide clients with an option that competes with what some of the largest investment providers are offering directly to plan sponsors. They also enable advisors to provide value and better participant outcomes, developing relationships that can build throughout the participant's career and into retirement.

Mark Alley
Mark AlleyNational Market President, Alerus

Leverage 401(k) Plans for Employer Matching

A 401(k) plan is a powerful tool for retirement savings, particularly due to the potential of employer matching, which can significantly boost the amount of money you save. As you contribute a portion of your salary into this plan, you often receive a matching contribution up to a certain percentage from your employer, acting almost like free money to your retirement fund. Furthermore, these contributions are typically made before taxes, which can lower your taxable income now, providing a dual benefit.

The money then grows tax-deferred until you withdraw it in retirement, potentially leading to a substantial nest egg. Consider talking to your employer about any 401(k) options they offer and start contributing to secure your financial future.

Traditional and Roth IRAs for Tax Advantages

Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) serve as a flexible savings option for retirement that allows individuals to save with tax advantages. With traditional IRAs, you can contribute pre-tax income, which then grows tax-deferred, and you only pay taxes on the money when you withdraw it in retirement. This could mean paying taxes at a lower rate if your income is less in retirement.

On the other hand, some IRAs allow you to contribute after-tax income, but the money generally grows tax-free. Explore setting up an IRA with a financial institution and begin contributing regularly to help ensure your retirement is comfortable.

Annuities for Guaranteed Retirement Income

An annuity is a financial product that can offer a steady stream of income during retirement, which can be particularly comforting for those worried about outliving their savings. When you purchase an annuity, typically with a lump sum, you enter an agreement with an insurance company to receive regular payments for a certain period or for the rest of your life. This can provide the security of a consistent income, much like a paycheck, in your retirement years.

Annuities come in various forms with different terms and benefits, so it's crucial to understand the specifics of the contract. Reach out to a financial advisor to discuss whether an annuity is suitable for your retirement plan.

Roth IRAs Offer Tax-Free Retirement Withdrawals

Roth IRAs are a compelling retirement savings option because they allow for tax-free growth and withdrawals, meaning you won't pay taxes on the money when you use it in retirement. Unlike traditional IRAs, contributions to a Roth IRA are made with after-tax dollars, but the advantage is that everything the account earns is entirely yours to use tax-free after you reach age 59 and a half and have held the account for at least five years. This type of account can be especially beneficial if you expect to be in a higher tax bracket in retirement.

As there are income limits for contributing to a Roth IRA, you'll need to check your eligibility. Begin researching Roth IRAs today to determine if they fit into your long-term retirement strategy.

Target-Date Funds Automate Asset Adjustment

Target-date funds are an investment choice that simplifies retirement planning by automatically adjusting the mix of assets as you approach your retirement age. These funds become more conservative over time, typically moving from a focus on growth through stocks to income through bonds, to help protect your savings as you get closer to when you'll need to use them. With target-date funds, the fund managers rebalance the assets for you, making it a 'set it and forget it' option for those who prefer a hands-off approach to their retirement savings.

By selecting a target-date fund with your estimated retirement year in mind, you can invest in a diversified portfolio tailored to your time horizon. Consult with a financial advisor to find out if target-date funds align with your retirement objectives.

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